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I just read Prison Pit Book One by Johnny Ryan from Fantagraphics. And it was one of the coolest things I have ever read. I originally wanted to read Prison Pit because the cover of Book 04 reminded me of Superjail [one of the greatest cartoons in the history of mankind] I checked to see if they were by the same person when I first saw it but apparently not. After reading this I would say there are similarities but Prison Pit is a damn site more obscene, I have never seen a jizz monster in Superjail and one was featured rather prominently beginning pg.99 

Large sections are just sequential images with no dialogue and just violence and depravity like the second picture, the chapter pages were also super funny, I really liked the blunt start the chapter one page gave the comic. [In the corner holding down the page is my badass mighty wallet, go buy one]

So I am going to rush off and find some more work by Johnny Ryan because I apparently love him and cannot wait to see what Cannibal Fuckface [the name of the protagonist being blown by the slug in the second picture] gets up to next. 

In the meantime read this interview where he admits he just ripped off Superjail

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